Five Reasons Why May Is The Best Time to Buy Commercial Air Conditioning

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“The cooler weather offers the best buying opportunity.”

If you’re looking for commercial air conditioning, the month of May is the absolute best time of year to search. Here are a couple reasons why May is the best time to buy.

#1. Less Stress For Commercial Air Conditioning In May

Most people – especially businesses– forget about their failing air conditioning unit as soon as the cooler weather arrives. That’s a mistake. Not only will prices be higher when the summer comes around again, but every man and his horse will be battling for to have a unit installed.
We find that engineers will be pushed to capacity working around the clock, and usually, the best contractors are already on jobs. This means either using less experienced engineers or having to have your staff swelter in the hot months.

#2. A Chance To Measure Your Options

As the weather cools, now is the time to plan for a more productive summer next year. Measure up your space, and review your current air conditioning system. Why isn’t it man enough for the job? It could be that it’s old, tired, and unable to cool like it used to.
Or maybe your cooling needs have changed. You might have more equipment giving out more heat, or you may employ more people in the same room. Also, your offices might have been redesigned, and the air con hasn’t kept pace.

#3. New 2016 Features

Technology is advancing, so is air conditioning. Consider WiFi controllers or perhaps you want a uniform atmosphere in the entire office. New systems are also more energy efficient and cost a lot less to run. Once you know what you want and why, then it will be time to call for expert help.

#4. Easier Access To Professionals

With less demand for their time and services, it will be easier to get an air con specialist to discuss your needs. Let the expert create the best system for you. With fewer buyers in the market, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the best providers.

Here’s a tip to make the most of your time with an air con expert: although you know what you want, prepare to ask the right questions and be flexible – there may be a great solution to your needs that you haven’t yet thought of and that might even be cheaper than your budget.

#5. Time To Do A Deal

If you’ve had a sweltering summer, for the best commercial air conditioning and great promotional offers, May is definitely the month to make a deal. For more information or to get a quick free quote, contact Brisbane Air today.

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